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Ridgewood Towers is undoubtedly one of the finest residential places in Metro Manila where the finest modern living is at par with Global standards. Inside a quiet, safe and gated community is a true haven where families can dwell with massive noise and pollution.

G2 Global Inc. has partnered with Asya Designs and Partners to make sure that the interiors are of superb aesthetic quality, at par with the entire image of strength and beauty as what Ridgewood was built for. This is to ensure that the residential structures and spaces greatly jive with the dynamism of a modern life of whoever will occupy the space.

Everything that is desirable of a condominium is actually here at Ridgewood Towers. Added to the natural bounty of a healthy and peaceful abode are amenities and leisure equipments provided in-house for residents to enjoy. On top of the list of great things available are their famous high speed elevators with shuttles residents up and down the building. Comfort is uninterrupted here because of standby power generating sets which automatically provides electricity whenever there is a power failure. The ground level of the residential towers have laundry servicing units, water refilling stations, a business center, a mini grocery store, day care services for your toddlers and children and a lot more.

Ridgewood Towers were built with so much family-oriented goals which is very ideal for families who are raising small children. That is the reason why there is a safe and cozy children’ playground for weekends hours of bonding or for a quick spin with bikes around the bike path. Children can also be engaged with safe outdoor power games or they can just simply be toured around to appreciate the wonders of natural flora and fauna of a well-maintained fully landscaped mini-garden and tree courtyard garden. Adults also have an outdoor fitness lounge, take nice and easy steps at the health walk area or may enjoy a brisk morning run at the jogging path. Chances are, golf enthusiasts will be staying along at the putting green. Peace lovers could not just be left out because quiet moments can be well spent at the meditation area or to an outdoor reading nook for bookworms.

Lap Pools for adults are great places to make friends with other residents. The Children’s shallow pool are safe water systems for your youngsters to enjoy. For your outdoor satisfaction, our water features & our beautiful benches are sure great treats. There is also a full deck and an overflow deck where fine dining with Alfresco is available. So for your night outs, no need to go somewhere else because right within the same roof, you enjoy fine dining. The Chaise Lounge, Terraced Plantings and Trellised Bench are perfect additional treats.

Ridgewood Towers are well kept under the surveillance of a formidable security team who operates 24/7. For individual residential spaces, there is an automatic fire alarm and an automatic sprinkler system. There is also a pre-provisioned Security Intercom for all residents to avail. The three towers have ground and basement parking areas. And to keep the community eco-friendly, it has its own sewer treatment facilities.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Ground and Basement Parking
  • 3 medium-speed Elevators
  • Automatic Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System
  • Domestic Cistern /Fire Tank
  • Provisions for Security Intercom
  • Sewer Treatment Facility
  • Lap Pool
  • Shallow/Childrens pool
  • Kids Station
  • Water Feature
  • Courtyard Garden
  • Full Deck
  • Overflow deck/Alfresco Dining
  • Outdoor Fitness Area
  • Bench
  • Terraced Plantings
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Trellised Bench 
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